Monday, 10 April 2017

15 Lovely Message

When you are lonely needing someone to be there for you, I'll be right there by your side always and forever
Just call me in your heart

With you, there is nothing as near impacting in my life

Immortality is how my love for you is best explained. 
It is without end

I want to be the one you regret to say goodbye to when we part for awhile, even as little as to work 

I want to be the one you smile like an angel when we see 

I love you more than Gold, frankincense and myrrh altogether

My heart beat for you is the greatest song I hope you love listening to when you lie, pillowed on my chest

My heart is a hollow that your love came to fill
Thanks to you

I am like a flame that cannot burn without its wick, YOU

I love you than with every drop of life that stirs in my blood

When my heart skip a beat, it stem only from the promise of your face.
I love you forever

My love begins and ends with you alone

I can forever dwell in the place of your side if chance allow

The fragrance of your presence is a stir of the heavenly

The love I feel for you has no like on earth.
And all of earth know this truth

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