Saturday, 15 April 2017

15 Lovely Text Message

My heart is a cream needing the fitness of your hand and on you to be placed

If only my heart could raise a placard, you'll see your name inscribed all over

In the sky of true love, has our name been inscribed in the stars

You are the most precious thing I want to always want and never lose

I am lost in the lair of sweet certainty when I as little as call upon your thoughts

You are the love I will never fail to profess

Nothing is much itself without the muchness of your love making me love it

You are the reason my life has colours

I need nothing more of life than I need the sweetest embrace of your arms

You are the sunshine that will always sweeten my lukewarmness

I love you with so much as with the weight of the pillar of mountains

My love for you knows no threshold nor definition

You are to me all of life fruition wrapped in one

You are my heart engineer mending my heart to love

Love is like a fairy tale and from your love to me, is how I know

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