Sunday, 9 April 2017

15 Mother's Day Card

From a babe, you have tended happily to me 
Thanks guy ask the sacrifices you made all because of that annoying little boy that is now wishing you
"Happy Mother's Day, Ma

I wish you'll never have to spend a day in tears again because those eyes are too heavenly to be heavy 
Happy Mother's Day my love 

I am more than enamoured if you my friend, my first lover and my comforter.
Happy Mother's Day sweetie

The depth of my love for you is the beginning of knowledge
My sweet mom

I love you so much mum and heaven knows this much is true
Happy Mother's Day

I cherish so much the day God chose me for your womb, my sweet mum
Happy Mother's Day

You are the sunshine that stayed when rain sullied everything
Happy Day to the true one above every other one

Happy Mother's Day to the lover of my life
My sweet mom 

I love you mum.
Happy Mother's Day to you, no words will tell how I love you so

My life has been worth living because of that one person that made it so 
Happy Mother's Day 

If I can quantify my love for you, my sweet mom.
The answer is, 
It's unquantifiable 
Happy Mother's Day though

You are the goddess of love to me and without you is none else
Happy mother's day

Thank you mum for being you, the one true representation of God in my life
Thanks so much and Happy Mother's Day 

I love you so that I even don't perceive the words to suffice to use
Happy Mother's Day, my lovely mum

My gift to you is my heart back
Happy Mother's Day, Mom

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