Monday, 10 April 2017

15 Perfect Love Messages

You are the only one God made for me and without you, is none else

You are the only one I want to feel close to because your love is a reminder of a love only matched by mother's care

Your sweet kisses are unmatched and your touches are heaven at its best 

Blessed was the day chance wrought outside path because that day I met Cupid bow

You are my perfection, my everything and my heart fruition

I love that I love you with all the depth breadth and height of love

You make me feel like heaven can wait

When I look into your eyes, it's like watching a night star and the most beautiful garden bloom. 
O! I love you so

My life's worth it all because you chose to walk my path. 
Thanks love

Everything I ever dreamed and needed in life was all met in you alone wrapped in one angel

I love that I have you for me, if not every other would have been a settle for less

My love for you is this---
It passes all comprehension because it's one of its kind

Live is the most beautiful and amazing thing when you find the right one and meeting you makes me understand so

I am enamoured of all of what you are. 
All of it without nothing left

Your flaws and foibles are to me a perfection than the most acclaimed perfected lady

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