Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 Romantic Good Night Text

I trust in the love that you hold for me, as it is stronger than this night that shall wane
Goodnight to my my lover and friend

I hope the stars will cut out their prying eyes from you that you may find sleep
Good night my love

Sleep sweet and dream of me, my love
Good night

Till we see my heart joy lie with you, dream of me my love
Good night 

May the nightingale of love in my stead shush you gently to a sweet morrow with the sweetest of lullaby
Good night my love

I think of you always, first thing in the morning and last thing in the night, as I am now
Goodnight my lover

My love for you knows no equal and till it will be tomorrow
Good night my love

Those jealous stars, I am sure have come to share in your shine
Save them for me 
Good night my love 

The night is such a opposite of your shine is why it tempts you by sleep
Good and sweet dreams to you my love

I am so pained to be without the muchness of your face this instant
Good night my love

I love you so much than even I can imagine but at least I will see you tomorrow
Good night my fiancé

I thank my God that I am privy to your face all day except night though
Good night my heart's other 

Sweet dreams to your eyes my love
See you in the the sweet tomorrow

My love is amplified when I miss your face in the morning
Good night my love

In your face is sweet hidden Eden shown again with all of its splendor
Good night my love

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