Tuesday, 25 April 2017

15 Romantic Message For Girlfriend

My love for you has a start but knows no end

I want to be forever laced in the diaphanous hold of your web if love is a spidery enchantment

I, for you can give my life away just to sate your any whim and beck 

I love you with a love that shall never die

My love stems from the depth of true passion of my heart and I'll never tire in loving you

For you, I can move all mountains

If you are a flame, then I don't mind to be the moth

I want to love you forever as long as I breathe with a love that is indiscernible to the norm

My love for you has no limits nor is predicated on faults because I love you more than life itself

My love for you is greater than death because I will love you still even after

If Cupid stings no more and by virtue Love dies. 
My love for you will still tarry as a love stronger than before

I owe to you my life for showing me how to love

I am never again going to the status quo because your love brought me from my darkness

I want to forever dwell on the sweetness of your embrace, always and forever

If loving is all you need, all your days, I'll never tire to love you so

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