Saturday, 29 April 2017

15 Sweet And Funny Message

I miss our days together when we do those crazy things lovers wouldn't dare do like farting and belching at each other's face

I know when I see you my heart smile even though I mustn't show it to you, lest as all guys, you take me for granted

If my love for your was like a 
hoop everyday day I'll make 3 points

I can for the love of you go gaga as Lady Gaga.
Please save me 

I want to wine and dine on your heart and have my sate.
Please let me

The sustenance of my love has nothing to do with me but the Manna of your love that matters

I miss the days when you hold me and make all other busy body girl's eyes pop open like Popeye

If I was told that for each of my saying, I am you, I die slowly.
Then I'll use my last life to say.
I love you

I love you so much that I could kiss you till your lips lose its hue

Your love spark the cold embers long dead in my heart

Nothingness is what you leave me with when I have to go those God-forsaken days without you

If time allot me the chance to be with your all the time, then I'll just choose to live all my days in your heart

There's nothing except one that I'll like to change about you and it's your last name

Being without you is like a fish without water, and a letter without a receiver

I have no charge at life should you take a chance to love me no more again. 
Please don't

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