Monday, 24 April 2017

15 Sweet And Romantic Love Message

The veil of my disheartening state was set off the day I set my eyes on you

Should I seek to give up, your love gives me a comfort zone to hide

I love you so much more than bread and life

On you, I can place all of my life, because I am secured

You pique a love in me unblemished and true

By the love in me, there's no limit to the gust of true love I hoard for you

You saved me from hurt and give me a love so sweet as honey

My love for you unlike the night shall never end

True love has no definition if it does not include you

You make feel like I can move mountains and fly the seas

Everything I do falls with and rise with you, you are the food to my soul

I don't know a lot in life but I know I love you so much than life

If I were to die tomorrow , I'll use the little life today in loving you

I want you to live a hundred years and more with me because I want to exhaust my love on you alone

I love you so much with the depth of love never ever seen

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