Monday, 24 April 2017

15 Sweet Love Messages

If I shed myself that you may see my heart, you'll see it beats all for you

You to me are like Cupid touching my heart with so true a love than any

When you snuggle beside me emplaced in my arms, it makes me wonder how heaven must feel

Without the sail of your love, my heart can never leave the port of happiness 

I joy in you everyday because you are the bliss worth all the hassle

I love you so that when I as little as see you, I get a jolt to my heart

When I see you I see the halo of the cherub that sent you my way, thanks my angel

You are my dream come true

A dearest of love above all love is what you are to me

You are the plinth that holds me to base

You strum the strings of love on my heart when I see you

I love you so, that your love is like the juices flowing through my veins 

Your love to me is like a fuming sigh that breathes life to my heart

With you, I'm assured of a joy that will never die 

I love love for giving me a lover as you.
Thanks for this love

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