Thursday, 27 April 2017

15 Sweet Weekend Message

O! Happy day, it's the weekend, I just want to spend it at your place. 
Expect me soon, my love 

I am so happy it's weekend, I finally get to use our us-time well

I am no lazy man but weekends are just the best times of the week especially having all of it with you

Your love hit me better by weekend because I know then I can have your all for myself truly

My heart shall ever be a hollow but by weekend it get filled up with the many hours, spending it with you beside me

You are the best thing to have happened to my life. 
Come on to my place and spend some time with my family this weekend

My love for you cannot be proved better than showing to you that I'll love you even if it's weekdays as I love you every weekend

My heart is at your call at all times if only you'll just call by weekdays and end

Yours and yours alone, I pledge to you to always tarry your lover and friend through weekend, hard tears and grayness

It's weekend, WOW
More than anything my love, I want to see you in smiles today because we are going to have the time of our lives

It'll be beautiful having you here today, please my love it's weekend, can you come by? 
I miss you so much

I smile like a babe every Friday and people think its all for a meeting with the boys but what they don't know is that the promise of seeing you is the happiness that drives my heart to smile

It's payday plus weekend today, my love, name it, I just want to see you happy today.
I'm ready to do your bid

I love you so much and when it's weekend, I get this vibe to just want to be by you till Monday sad face comes

Waking up with you to the sound of Saturday any time we wish to, is the the highlight of my every weekend

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