Thursday, 6 April 2017

15 Text about Husband and Wife

Two days I cherish most, the day you were born and the day I met you

When I catch you looking at me, it feels like heaven has come to stay

Nothing is of worth to me than the worth you make of them

I love you so much my heart food

You are of the greatest essence to me

You are worth more to me than gold

I love you so much with a love that will never die or want in substance

You are to me the best thing of life ever promised

I am fond to want for nothing else as long as you exist

In your embrace, I know I'll never need to see a doctor

Blessed is the womb that sired you to life for that womb gave me an angel, YOU

Your love to me is like an ensign hoist with it every blissful thing, I ever will need

You to me are everything I will ever wish to have all put together in one

You are my my life because time is life as you are my life

My every thought and reason is you and you alone

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