Wednesday, 12 April 2017

16 Beautiful Message For Wife

I wake up alive to see the sparkle in your eyes and it's only then I know.
Life is good

My love for you stands strong as from the day you walked that aisle till now

I love you with all of at of my life

My life revolves around wanting to see you smile everyday 

I love you with all the breath I have to give left

Children are but strangers to a home but to the one who will never leave me-
My sweet wife
I love you so much

If life promise me another chance after death age you are not in that life, then I'd rather death

Your love is the best thing that can ever happen to a man

When a man finds a true lover, he has all reason to rejoice and in you I meet that reason

My love is one and the same for no one else but
You and

I believe God brought me your way for a reason and it's that the make my embers burn

My life is a joyous one all because I have you in it

My love for you shall always burn as a flaming fire ceaselessly

If ever I see myself for what I am is the mirror of your plain eyes they glitter as a star filled sky

Nothing much matters in the world to me if I have you

I love you my sweet wife, and will swear my heart upon anything should you wish of me

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