Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Boyfriend Quotes To Girlfriend

If loving you requires a pay, I'll lend money and be in debt for you

I will always and forever love you for you saw me at my worst and steered me to my best

I love myself only because I chose you, as you make me whole

If I love you less, my heart should fail because loving you is like sustenance my joy

If to fall in love a thousand times again in another life, I'll choose to fall in love with you over again

If time would rewind, I will want to remain in your arms as long as I live

In your gaze alone even without words, I hear Cupid soaring with his wings

I don't understand how to put two sum together but I know how to sum your love for me which is innumerable

I have no need of eyes because your love see for me

You are the reason my sky is blue and my heart still beats

To come as with my love like offering, will I to love you for all of your every love given

If love forces me to become an outlaw, as long as it is you, I will break down any earthly law

You are the results of the many dreams I dreamt before I found you.
Thank you for the dreams come true

When lovers in joy come, in front shall I stand because your love daily makes me joyous

As long as earth still persist, my love for you will never seize

Without hands your love touched me and without eyes blinded me.
It's when I knew, love is magical

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