Tuesday, 11 April 2017

16 Cute Good Morning Message For Her

You are a part of the glow from the high heavens and your glitter makes me life shine.
Happy Morning my love

Waking up next to you is the flowing grace of a bountiful manna from heaven every morning

There are three things I only love to do every morning
1)Waking next to you 
2)Waking beside you and
3)Waking up with you

I wish you a lovely morning today, tomorrow and to forever dwell in joy. 
Good morning

Your face every morning is my own sun
Good morning love

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing you the first thing in the morning
Good Morning

Mornings are not morning neither is night itself without stars, so I am nothing without your love

Lying to sleep, I think of you she while I wake, I think of you. 
And when I wake to see you, I know I have find my grail.
Good Morning My Precious

From my sweet little drum of a heart to you. 
Happy morning my beautiful miss

I choice hearing your voice before the crow because then do I know the morning shall be sweet

May the hidden treasures of the morning glow in your bosom rest truly
Good and Merry Morning I wish you

You are the reason life gave Mr another morning to see
Good morning love

I will adore the spark in your eyes
The glow in your smile she grace in your love so long as the mornings I still see

Happy Morning my love rise to bask in the fruitful morn with love

I wish a thousand times your face abound in a million mornings, then only have my mornings be good. 
Happy Morning to you, my love

I wish you ask and more your wish yourself of a blissful morning.
Happy Morning to you

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