Saturday, 29 April 2017

16 Cute Good Morning Text To Her

I wish that as you wake, you take with your breakfast my love in every teaspoon

The golden blaze in your eyes is more compared to the sun. 
Good Morning

I wish you the most fecund morning than you ever had. 
Good Morning Love

Wake and shine as is your wont, my sweet angel
Good Morning

Nothing can reduce my love for you like the foundation of the earth

As lovely as you are even the morning steals from your graces.
Good Morning My Lover

In the morning as soon as the sun break from the clouds, I wish you joy tarry forever to never leave

Like happily spring break, I wish your joy abound bountifully in beauty

Webbed unto the hinges of joy, no course I wish shall take away the joy in your heart
Good Morning Love

As you take to your mouth, your meal, do remember your heart meal, ME
Good Morning Love

Good Morning and may the morning be better than yesterday

Part of me never wants to leave you at night but part of me is happy because every new morning, your face glow like a new sun

To watch you spin and yawn in the bed before you wake every morning is best movie I've ever seen

As the morning unlocks a new day so do your love unlock a joy unbending in my heart

Good Morning love, I hope the night gave you a befitting treatment as the queen that you are

I wish you a morning as beautiful as the newly scented rose

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