Thursday, 6 April 2017

16 Cute Good Morning Text

Good morning love, hope the stars sent you my kisses yesterday

Hope you had a dream filled night.
Good Morning

My love is your love as your love is mine just as day and night is fated

Have a coffee and think of me this morning, my love

I wish you the best morn you'll ever have today

Morning is for mourning if you don't meet my yearning eyes

I love you with every light in my eyes as the sun

I love you so much than I love the morning sun because you need not eyes to see them since love is blind

In love with you never out do I want to be as the moon is haloed by the sun

You are the fibre of my heart causing it to beat daily

My love for you is a scorching blind as the blinding sun
Good morning love

Happy New day my love, hope you slept well

I hope you kept me in your head as you slept and dreamt well
Good Morning

Your love to me is the difference between good morn and mourn

Thank you for making my mornings beautiful and one to look forward to

I will always be grateful that I have someone like you to kiss Good morning every day. 
Mwah, Good Morning My Love

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