Friday, 7 April 2017

16 Cute Good Night Text

Never can the stars at night match the ones in your eyes for even they, watch from up above, you sleeping

Into the bosom of the dark night as you lie, I wish you a splendid bed rest

Without you is nothing good of any night but with you, do night seems as though like day because night is day with you.
So sleep tight my love for I see your perfection tomorrow

I wish I can be the bed you lie on but better still, good night my love

In you is everything I can ever wish for a perfected night.
Good Night My Love

May the nightingale of night send my kisses to you as you sleep to dream of me.
Good night my sweet heart

I wish you a hitch free sleep that the with sweet dreams

Your face is embedded in my brain even at night and a sweet nightmare of you I see.
Good night Love

To see you in the morning after the night is the highlight of my day.
Good night to I see you tomorrow, my love

As long as the night rules the latter part of the day, I'll love you with the better part of me.
Good morrow my love

If morning never comes, then I pray you dream of me all through this night
Good Night Love

I wish you a honey filled dream of all the sweetness you ever wish.
Good night My Love

In your eyes, the stars of night worship to shine only when you close them.
Good night

I wish you a blissful bed rest without the toils of the day and foils of the noon

May you sleep like a child and yawn sweetly as the angel that you are.
Good night My One True Love

In the thick night, I wish you unlock the gateway of joy in your sleep that you may wake to see the bright morning shine

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