Thursday, 6 April 2017

16 Cute Goodnight Text

The night with you will never be a waste so long as you are by my side, Good night

Best of night to you that you learn of happiness even in the morning is what I wish for you.

Your face may the night never steal for it shines so bright.
Good night, my love

In your dreams, I'll be your knight against your nightmares as your sweet head lie, so have a good night my love

Though the realm of sleep, may your dreams be filled of sweetness.
Good night My Love

Sleep well and sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite, my love

Prickly based thorns are in flowers but your face is like the night stars without flaw.
Good night My Love

Night is simply day without light but your face is never without its shine like a star filled night

Sleep well my love because where you ready lie is on my brain

Great is the love I feel for you that will never wane as the stars do in the morning

I pray the night that it fills your bra with sweet dreams.
Good night

If you are afraid of the night, call on me and I'll be your dream catcher by love

I am fond to love none but you as the night is loved by the moon.
Good night

Good night, my love and reap the benefits of my love in your sleep

I wish you a sweet night rest that you may wake to the bliss of the morning

All I ever wish to love you in the morning and at night snug and kiss you Good night till the morrow

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