Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Cute Love Quotes

Of all the sentence I ever heard, hearing you say 'I love you' is the best

I knew love until I met you on that day

Everyday to me, because of you is Valentine

I love you unduly than you can ever imagine

My love for you is not like dregs but from the everything of my heart

My life revolves in loving you as long as I breathe

If we are like the universe, you and I, I'll be the planets and you'll be my sun

You are to me like Sirius that lightens my heart with joy

Nothing compares to you in my mind and heart

You are all I ever dreamed of before I met you and even now

I love you so much that even I know not words to express 

In the unseen throne in my heart, you and you alone is the queen

My heart is a space where you came to fill with love

Thanks my lover for loving me unconditionally

To feel as free as the breeze is how your love does to me

Meeting you has made me dream no more because you are the matching of all my dreams since

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