Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Cute Love Text Message

My heart would have still been a hollow if not for your love

Your love to me is like the welcome of a new sun

Wonderful is the love of you in my heart

I love you so much beyond words or description

If I am ever asked to describe you, 
I'll say bring me an angel first then I'll start

You are too me more than what a dream is

My heart will evermore be grateful to you for your love

The appearance of your face is rye disappearance of all my problems

It's amazing how your love commanded Cupid to shoot the very first time I saw you

If my heart was a wall, your name will be like a Graffiti written all over

Your love is like a web I love to fall upon despite it all

I will forever love you so long I still know how and even when maim or lame

I love you more than life itself because your are more to me than life

In your eyes is true glister administered

You are my love doctor when I see you, all woes of the day disappear

My love for you is well defined by no definition at all because you are my everything

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