Monday, 24 April 2017

16 Cute Love Text Message

Loving you is something I'll never tire to do

You are my life and everything I can ever hope for in a wife

When lovers march to the fore because of you, I can do same

It's your love that eases my heart to a state of utter joy

With you, I can never go amiss

I am not good enough for everyone but I'm glad as long as I'm good enough for you 

As long as you love me, nothing else matters

You are to me, the star in my skies that align

I love you with all of my heart and my judgement 

I have a lot to thank God for, and you are the better part of all that

By my heart, I swear to love no one else should you tarry no more 

My strive is that your smile persist always

I forever want to by your love, be remembered by always

You are the green light in my life

Nothing compares to loving you to me

I can do all day without anything but without you, I dare not

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