Thursday, 6 April 2017

16 Cute Love Text Messages for wife

Normalcy is defined only when you are by my side

Nothing means anything in my life without you coming to make it something

You are like a dream come true in a world where all I do is dream

Your face is like when I touch the hem of a saints garment with magical feeling

If I could turn back the hands of time, I'll relive everyday an angel came down in your form the very day I met you

You are the every and only desire I have and want to have

Kept in your heart space is the one wish I'll always yearn for all of my life

You mean more to me in a day than the world has meant to me in all the years I lived

You are the only reason my face takes the shape of a smile

Casting my heart to your care has been the greatest decision I ever made in my life

Trials with you seems nothing so long as you are there to fuel me with strength

Without you is without food to my belly, its only death that brings

You are the charge to my strength always to see you smile every now and then

Insanity is defined plainly by me being without you

Your love is like a concoction served to me from heaven about so sweet to my heart taste

I want only but to love and treat you right every day of my life

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