Thursday, 13 April 2017

16 Cute Sunday Message

May the Sundays be kind to you always

I hope you get the inspiration to enjoy your Sunday without thinking of Monday.
Happy Sunday To You

Sundays barbecue are the best but then I think of Morning morning

If only my weekdays could be like Sundays where I can just do nothing

I wish you ask the best this Sunday Morning
I will pray for you in Church today

I wish all days to be Saturdays and Sundays

May you receive the gifts of love each day from Monday to Sunday

May you Sundays always be Sum days in bountiful measures

If only wishes were horses, I'll wish all weekdays become Sundays and lazy about 

I love you and may you see joy ask your days from Monday to Sunday

I wish you a sunny Blessed Sunday

As you wake this Sunday morning to Church, may you see the outright goodness of the day

You be of utmost importance as you move out this weekend

May God strengthen you today Sunday beyond every other day

You are blessed by God beyond days

Rest well and and wake up busy on Monday.
That's the meaning of Sunday night

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