Wednesday, 12 April 2017

16 Cute Text For A Special Friend

When the going gets tough I know you will stay tough with me. 
That's the confidence I have with you. 

Your assistance as a friend has been what has been my sympathy.
Thanks for everything during the rough times

I am happy that fate brought us together my good friend.
Thank you

You are a one of a kind friend and I'm grateful for having you

What you mean to me as a friend is what the morning wish of the sun is

I love you my sweet friend due being all the way through its all with me

Your have been so good to me my friend with all the benefits a true friend can give

What anyone can hope in a friend is what your are to me and more 

I am so privileged to have known a guy like you who will stay through it all

I love the littlest things about our friendship as your undeniable care to me is always evident in this

I am sorry if I cannot repay exactly your friendship to me because you raise my expectations of a friend to a whole new level

I am the luckiest person on planet earth to have met a man like you.
What a friend

It's amazing the true meaning of a friend became evident when I met you

I am so pained that I never met you before now because your are the friend that stays when all others quit

You are so good a friend that each times I sit to wonder about the impossibilities of your person.
Thanks my friend

I love that you are a bosom friend to me because you define true friendship by acts not words

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