Wednesday, 5 April 2017

16 Cute Text Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

Hey! lovey, how was work.
Here's my kisses.
Hope you catch them

In your embrace, does nothing else come better

I love you and wish you well in your exams, my prince

Fate saved the best for last the day I met you.
You came to save me from the many years of before

I love you with ask my heart, body age soul.
You are the sugar in my tea

What you are to me is a lover that is the impossibility made possible 

My love take care, and know that I'm missing you here right now

I cannot do another seconds without your face. 
Let's face time please

Forgive me if I say this but you are thief for capturing my heart and greedily making it sing your song all the time

I wish you the best tomorrow in your appointment.
I know you'll get picked. 
I love you

All I want now is to lie in your arms and dream dreams of you in my arms

My love for you is the best thing that ever happened or will happen to me

With all surety, I can love no other if you fail to exist.
This, I am sure of

I hope you are thinking of me and not those naughty clerks invite your office

Here's a picture of me.
I hope you are smiling as you are looking at it

I want you to hold me and wrap you in your arms today.
Please come back home

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