Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Everlasting Love Message

O! I die inside everyday not seeing your face

The love I have for you is the hope of a thousand wish

Eternity is too little to stir the fire up in showing my love to you

You are my everything, without you, all is nothing

We are together fated in the stars to be

You are my one true love and without you is no one else

Like Roses are Red and Skies are Blue, so is my love for you, for my love is your love

I had a dream into eternity today and I saw us two

Your love is the fuel to my heart

I never want to see the end of you for your love is my delight

The depth love I bare you has its star point in eternity

Eternal love that beats all earthly type is the one I feel for you

I love you with a love with no expiry date not even by death

My love knows no other name but the song of your name it sings alone

Living you is the best thing to have happened to me

I love you with all of all of my heart and soul

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