Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Flirty Love Message

Your kiss is like the bliss of heaven

My arms await to own your embrace for its own, and never lease you back to the world

I am indebted to love you with a mind stoked in the fire of your love

The touches of your lips on mine is like the juices of sweet manna never before tasted

Loving you is like fire to my heart burning like a blaze 

I want each day to feel how really the taste your sweet lips allow 

Bed is boring without you in it with me.
Wish you could come right now 

Hey love, I saw this new wear and thought of how you would like them

I wish right now to wrap you in my arms like the winds that right now feels you

I want each day to be right next to you, loving you with all of me

Right now I picture you pouting and awaiting my kisses

I wish to paint with my kisses, redder your red lips whilst they meet

Like emboldening fire, your love spark with a gentle wind of grace

To feel your scent every seconds of the day, I can do so and still not tire

I could tell you all day how you are the lady with the most sexy figure ever

You are like a food I wave to dine on this instant

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