Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Funny And Interesting Message and SMS

I love you with every part of me including my butt

I love you and think of you every second of the day even when in the toilet

Our love shall be as a workshop I promise you, I will work and you can shop as you wish

I love you and will always do from am to pm

I love you but don't ask me to die for you because there is no point in you going to love someone else then 

Drinking can shorten my life in a matter of hours and same is cigarettes but you
You shorten my life each time I think of you. 
I skip a heart beat

I don't want much my love just that you love me unconditionally but most importantly
A new iPhone 7 and
A sport car

If you ever leave me......
You better not try to after wasting 5 years of my life

I should say I love you more than life but the truth is life is sweet

With your love, I know 

I want you more than as Tom wants Jerry(more than food)

You make my heart ring a bell, you are the definition of noise maker

I will do anything for you, but don't ask me you die for you though

You are over of the 3 things I love most in life
Money Family You
Don't ask me in which order 

I love you so much as a predator loves his prey

Will you still love me even if I lost everything
You better say yes. 
We are in it together always

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