Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Good Luck Message

Good luck all day and night is what portion you shall be guilty of

May your luck be as you think it to be. 

I wish you fortuitous outcome on all you endeavor

May your luck never run dry

You are a star among many to shine
Wish you luck

May sweet serendipity meet regardless of anything

As long as you live good luck shall forth out with you

In tug war so ill luck shall you never be

It's more of now your time than not
Wish you the best

I wish you good luck in all you may ever do

You are not without your every goal.
Wish you the best of luck

Pry upon the well of good luck and you shall be there. 
Good luck love

Blessed beyond luck are you forever

Success sometimes is work and luck combine and them two may you find

You are all you wish of yourself in good luck and health may you be found.

Your luck shall run like a wellspring never failing to have substance

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