Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 Good Luck Text Messages

Luck shall reign on your side

Go on and may good luck  possess you in its arms

Go out with the luck of the day, my love

You have the best of your wishes come true by all chance and happenstance

All that your dream take you to shall you be

Good luck as brightsome as the sun shall shine with you

Sheer luck is not by which a man is made. 
So the part luck well play in your life shall not be cut

May you have your spoils of goodness be it by luck or work

Embers of good luck shall forever burn for you

Upon the wings of sweet happenstance shall you fly

You are made of the sky
So fly ruth luck on your side

Nothing is impossible for you to achieve even if by chance

By no chance will you meet ill luck

All that you shall command shall be as you deserve and more

Graciousness brew shall be your tea and good luck your portion

I wish you good luck as you tread out today

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