Thursday, 27 April 2017

16 Good Morning Quotes

May you find thousands of reasons to smile today
And may you be the reason for somebody else to smile..
Have a SMILING Day!

Always start a new day with a smile on your face and positive thoughts on your mind.
Good morning, have a lovely day!

Morning is a great time to think about
All the good things in your life
And all the people that you truly love.
So wake up with all those sweet thoughts
And have a beautiful day!

Someone said, the dream is not what you see while sleeping,
But the reason why you cannot fall asleep.
May this day bring you closer to your dream.
Good morning!

A perfect day starts with
A cute smile on your face,
A cup of hot coffee in your hands
And a text message from me,
Saying “Good morning, have a nice day!”

Enjoy your day, because life is too short to be anything but happy.
Good Morning!

Every morning is like a painting,
You need some inspiration for a start,
A warm smile to bright you up,
And a message from somebody,
who would like to colour your day!

Get up and open your window,
The sun is smiling for you,
And birds are singing for you,
Because I asked them to wish you good morning!
Enjoy the day!

One of the best things in life
Is to wake up in the morning
And know that there is someone,
Who cares enough
To send a nice good morning message to you.
Have a great day 

Night fades and a new day starts,
The sun has risen and wakes you up,
Don’t frown, jump out of bed,
Open the window and smile instead!

Every new day is like a painting.
Morning is a white sheet of paper and it is up to you,
What the painting will be at the end of the day.
I wish you to draw a masterpiece!

Get up! Get up!
This day gives you a present of 24 hours,
Make the most of them!

May this day of yours be full of fun, sunshine and joy!
Good morning, my friend!

Open one eye, then the other,
Go to the mirror and smile to yourself,
And then you will see that
Everything around you is getting better, when you are smiling.
Good morning, have a great day!

Sending the warmest wishes your way,
Let them lighten up your day
Just like morning sun rays!

I wish you lots of happy moments all day long,
And I just had one by thinking about you

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