Saturday, 15 April 2017

16 I Am Sorry Quotes For Girlfriend

I promise to tarry by you always if you ever let me love you again
Sorry please forgive me my love

I have hurt you times and again but you never left. 
Sorry she thanks for always give me that one chance.
I promise I won't blow this one up 

Being you was all I asked for because you stood by me when in mattered most.
Sorry for doubting you

I am sorry for my wrong doings, please gift me one more chance with you

Losing someone makes you know their true worth but I'm grateful I knew before I lost you. 
Sorry my love guy treating you less

I have a phobia for one thing and it's being sorry I should not see you at night

I am sorry I never loved you enough but I promise to make it up to you 

If I ever needed you, it's now
Sorry my love I need you more than ever

I love you more than air, on bended knees I can stay if ever you need me to but never say you don't love me anymore

I hope its not late to say this, but I miss you more than ever
Sorry I'm only saying this now

My penitence shows in my face that I need you more than I ever did
Please never desert me

Loving you has open my eyes,  sorry I was before blinded

I would have been a sorry state if I never found you. 
You are the reason I love life 
I am sorry my girl please don't leave me because if this err

To err is human but to forgive has been your nature. 
Sorry I took you for granted

I am sorry I cannot give the world to you but let me share the little I have with love with you

Through thick and thin you stood by me and I will never have to say sorry to you. 
This I promise you always

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