Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Love Messages Between Spouses

You are the reason I want to ever keep on breathing

On your heart, I never want to retire

If loving you gets me a report card, then I always want to be first

Love is a crime, let me pay the price
A sin, let me be guilty
And if a judge, let me be the gavel

I love you for loving me through all of life strife

The struggles of life has shown me that its you that matters most in all

You lips are the only allowance, I never want to lose

You are the shower if blessings that like Manna from heaven came to me

I love you so much that if death should meet you, I'll yield it all to be with you too

Love, they say us blind but loving you has opened my eyes

I forever want to be a moth, if you are a flame

Let me be to you, your everything because without you to me, am nothing

I will always love you as long as the roof is on the floor

I never look but on the old days when I am with you because I know we make new memories each day

I love you with the wholeness of my heart and the song in my head

You are like the backdoor to heaven I only knew until now

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