Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Love Quotes For Husband

You make me believe in miracles

You are like a fairy with a wand that takes away my tears

I will love only you as long as I breathe only life

You are my life because you are the every air I breathe

You to me are like a lock to a door, for you alone has my code

You say it best in turning my day good especially when you say nothing at all but smile with those golden smile

You hinge me to happiness as a boat is moored to the shore

Thank you for coming my way and bringing with you all the joy that comes with your presence

Your smile is like Midas hands, it turns my worry to joy

Every day I dream of you, I see the reason I need to wake to be by you

Your name is like a mantra my heart still never stop beating for

If loving you is a crime then no other option is better

In your heart is where I want want to be domiciled

Loving you is my most prized possession that I'll never seek to lose

In loving you, will I never fail even if the earth fails to be anymore

Your love to me is like a waterfall of Manna from the high heavens

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