Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Love Quotes For Spouse

I hate owing favors but your kisses are the one favor I don't care to owe a thousand times

We are going to be forever you and me as long as you love me as I love you

I am all better for your love because it gave me all the joy I ever wished

I love you and forever is just a beginning to quantify how much

To never leave your side and stay with you through time and tide, is the one thing I promise you forever and always

I hope I never see the day when your lips say it loves me no more because that day is the beginning of my death

My joy is the beating of your heart and my death bed is set the day you ever chose to say you love me no more

I love myself when I am with you because you make me smile for no reason at all

Like a gazillion stars in the night, you make me feel happy when I see you shine

You are the best gift life ever gave me

When heaven calls, I'll look for you that we ascend together because even above our love will stand and not end

The test of time will only prove my love for you stronger because I will always love you better

Through day and night, I'll love you with unshakable sway and might

Your love keeps my temper at bay, because seeing you is happiness itself

I owe you the best things of life because you gave me the best thing of you, your warmth

You are the only one I want to say, 'I do' too

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