Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Love Quotes For Wife

If to born again, I'll choose you a thousand times over

You are to me like the air that a dying man gasps for, because without you, I can't live

If eternity exist, then I want to spend it with you alone

My love for you is from now to the ends of the earth

I need nothing more than I need you because having you quenches my want for all else

In your bosom, I know I am assured of rest because you are like a balm to my heart

I love you with every fiber of my might and every dregs of my soul

You are the better part of me, I never want to lose

When life holds me thrall, In your love I know should I fall, I'm guaranteed of safety

You are the reason for my happy existence and I'll never for anything yield your love

You make me feel like I can. touch the sky without wings

You love to me is a blessing that betters all the others God gave me

You make me feel like I can die happily for love because I know still I shall love you even in the depth

Thank you for letting me take part in your sweet heart

Your love to me is like the depth of open treasures never lacking in surprise

As long as I live, I shall love you like tomorrow won't exist

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