Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Love Quotes

Overwhelmingly, Fortuitously, joyfully and serendipitously, you make my heart robust in joy

I love you with a love more constant than the seasons

My love, you can count on if ever anything will fail you

My love for you is one beyond depth or heights or limits and bounds

You are the one reason life has the meaning it has now for O look forward every day to see you when I am without you

Your love hits me with a sweet touch each time I think of you, I can only smile a thousand smile

I am crazy in love of you because from you stems the very essence of my joy

Thank you for making this house, a home

If to dwell forever with you, still forever will fail to sate my yearning for you

The parts of true love I never knew until the day I chanced upon your sweet heart, is the reason why I will never want to lose you

If ever I am asked of my pastime, it will be loving you till I can no longer love again which can only be by death

Your love to me is like honey to a parched taste and wine to a jolly man's lips

Your kisses are like the touch of grace from the angel's lips

Every inch of you each day is what I'll never tire till want, like the search of the long lost grail

I love you in frails,  in ails, in wails and n all that is of me.

I love you with a love that like the seas will never run dry

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