Tuesday, 11 April 2017

16 Love Text For Wife

You are more to me than a wife, you are my life

Right now I can stare at you till eternity, my sweet wife

You are the best part of me I'll never yield guys anything else

More pristine than gold is how you are to me

Through it all and still standing beside me is the definition of our years together.
My lover through it all

Being with you makes me understand that although life is not always rosy, with you it is always better

You are the real reason I wake up each day with a smile

I wake up alive each day because in my dreams you were never away

You are what keep me going when the going keep me from hope

Life never promised me full on joy but knowing you, life has thus given me more

You are the sway that like the breeze lighten my heart

You are the perfection in my imperfection

Your love in my brain is an everlasting impression that will never die

I love you just like the yesterdays we first met because you spark every day the embers in my heart

Loving you is my most prized possession

As long as I have you, I have it all

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