Tuesday, 25 April 2017

16 Motivational Quotes

Always be willing to admit a mistake and cut their losses. Be willing to admit that you’ve changed your mind. Don’t persist when the original decision turns out to be a poor one.

Be an anticipatory thinker. Consider all consequences of their behaviors before they act

The true test of a man is how well you function in a crisis.

Concentrate single-mindedly on one thing-
The most important thing, and they stay at it until it’s complete.”

Always stand after every fall,  no one made it by casting palls to his fall

 When life get hard, work hard and get going

When you the going gets tough, just get going

You are made for greatness, it's a fact only that some know of this fact and act on it, that's the difference

A wonderful creation is what you are. 
Never doubt it

Each day rise up to start again because the Phoenix not ashes never dies 

The three ‘C’s’ of leadership are Consideration, Caring, and Courtesy. Be polite to everyone.

“Respect is the key determinant of high-performance leadership. How much people respect you determines how well they perform

Be more who you are than what you do.

Always requires the ability to move quickly when opportunity presents itself.

Be future oriented and focus on getting the job done.

Never be satisfied,  continually strive to be better

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