Thursday, 27 April 2017

16 Nice Words, Nice SMS

It's a beautiful thing to have to wake up next to the lover of my eye every morning
Good Morning Love

I miss you, my love
Come back soon

The seeds of love you have sown in my heart is more than a blooming garden
I love you 

I am such a lucky lady to have for me, a friend like you

You are my gavel, my heaven and life. 
I love you, please come back soon

It's too late to go back now
My love, it's you and I forever in love

Dreaming about you walking towards me is the greatest thing I have been dreaming of since you said 'yes' to me

The nice things of life are incomparable to you.
I love you so, thanks

Nothing matters to me beside you. 
I love you with all of all of me

When I can finally call you mine, then shall heaven have truly smiled at me that day

The very presence of you is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me

I know that with you, I can never go wrong my love
I love you so much 

My friend, all the nice things of life are the sum of nothing I can give back in return

My love for you is better than wine and especially because it's never ending

Cuddling up with you on cold night is one of the beautiful things I'll miss without you

I love to be beside you, you make my heart tick like a clock

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