Wednesday, 5 April 2017

16 Pick Up Line Text Messages

Pick up the darn phone, have you no ears

I think you have gone blind to see I've dropped a thou call in your set

At least have the decency to pick up the phone

After all you did, yet you won't pick the call and explain yourself

I have been trying to call home but it's not coming through please help me

I know how hurt you must be but please pick your call and let's converse

I wish to let me explain myself and not ignore my calls. 

Even if you think of jilting me at least come tell it to my face and not hide like the coward you are beneath a text 

Even if it's a collect call, at least have the courage to tell me the reason for your decision

I hope you think it right to pick the call and tell me personally how you messed it all up

Pick your phone, are you day blind

I have something that is sure to pick your interest, please pick up the fone

I know it must be hard and you would want to isolate yourself from the world but at least pick up the phone and talk to me

I trust you are doing well. 
Pick up the call and speak to me

I have a proposal to make if only you could give me a chance and let's talk on phone at least

I know you think what you are doing is right but we are friends still please pick the fone and talk to me for Pete sake

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