Sunday, 9 April 2017

16 Romantic Message, Flirty Text

I want to wake up next to you cuddling with your body next to mine

With the scintillating fragrance of your hair, I can forever stay in bed

I love to love you as I have never done before because everyday is a brand new day to meet my desire upon yours

My love for you is so real that I can surmount the seven heavens for your sake

I can feel heaven when I get with you. 
Please come back home now

I can't feel a thing when I am with you except the burn of your smooth touches healing my coldness

I am so in love with you that even now in the office, I daydream of your lips

I want to feel what it is to taste the beauty in your kisses and never be satisfied

I know what living means because I met in you, someone to show love to me

I want to burn in your love if need be like moth to a flame 

You are the one I want to share those fiery and passionate night with, forever and always

My love for you is the beginning of the extent of other lover's

If love was known by me, its cause I was known by you. 
I love you so much

My skin wants to feel the burn of  yours in return 
Please grant me this

Nothing can change how I feel for you.
I love you with a love that is indiscernible and indecipherable

The warmth in your hug tempts me to see you again and to feel you next to me, lingers in my thoughts.

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