Monday, 24 April 2017

16 Romantic message

The mention of your name moves me to a state of utter ecstasy

You are the only one I ever want to want me and for me, that's enough

I want you to want me as I love you because if you do then a passion as roaring as a waterfall is how I can liken our love for each other 

My love for you beats death like Adonis and Venus

As long as time goes by, my love will stand by you always

I'll walk through hell with you to heaven even if you bid me to

The love I bare you is like a continually sprouting buds that fills with substance anew every morning

Your love has tugged my heart from me for it seems to beat at a different pace when it sees you

My love for you is comparable to nothing else

If to stand in death throes with you, is the only how to prove the depth of my love, then nothing can stop me from that

I want to show you what true love means, everyday this is what tempts my morning

You are forever mine, now and always

I will wait for you till a thousand and one years even if you as little as bid me to

I am in your debt forever for loving me unconditionally

Love is such a beautiful thing and with you I understand this truth

Our love is truer than any of the Hollywood portray ever made for ours is a true "Happy Ever After reality"

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