Tuesday, 25 April 2017

16 Romantic Text Messages For Him

I am already in heaven when I'm with you because you are comparable to it

For you, I'll catch a grenade, I'll live a lie and give up my life.
That's how much I love you

If you fail to tarry on earth, Heaven knows it'll receive a visitor afterwards

I love you so much that Cupid himself will pale should he know of the depth of my love

Longevity and Quality are what I pride myself in your love, to love you as long as time itself and with a love as Romeo and Juliet's

I am in love with you, today, tomorrow and ever so

My heart is larded with your scintillating fragrance and with you, I am full of love

Nothing compares to you, for me

I'm a lost cause without the muchness of your love

If true love ever existed it's because you do

My love can move heaven and earth all for finding you

If my heart holds love for anything else it's because it did for you first, without you, I can love nothing else

If love is a crime, then I want to share it with you

The professing of your love to me is like the case of heaven meeting earth

The day you told me of your long held love, the joy I felt was as rare as Eclipse seen once in a blue moon

I'm full of fight if you need me, I'll be your shield when trouble comes

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