Monday, 24 April 2017

16 Romantic Text Messages

My love for you is the oxygen to my soul

By the stars that align, and as long as day comes after night, on you alone will my love dwell and on no one else 

You give me purpose and reason 

Nothing compares to the love divine I feel when I am next to you

If loving you is a chance, then it's one I would always want to choose

Without your love, there can never be a substitute

I trust on your love because when I'm with you, nothing else matters much

From the moment I set my eyes on you, life made more sense

The best thing to happen to me is you and the worst can only come by your absence

More than anything, I love to behold the truth in your eyes because they tell me, life cannot come any better 

The refrain I'm my heart sings of the beautiful feelings you fill me with

I love that you give me sweet insomnia

My heart is sealed with the image of your face that without you, I can not go on 

Your love fill me with enthusiasm when I wake every morning, I get joyed to think about you

I love you for brimming me with a love unbeknown before

I love you so much than any two lovers ever did

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