Friday, 28 April 2017

16 Strong Love Messages For Her

Roses have thorns but my love for you has no flaw

What I wanted of life was all you gave to me with love, 
Thanks my lover

Between you and I is a love flawlessly with upon the skies

If loving you will make me meet by death by presages, then my death, I will gladly see for your love fills my dearth

Loving you is the one thing I will never forget to remember or remember to forget

The earth has bounds and deep knows its depth but my love for you has no limits

You are the grace that graces an unworthy me so worthy love, thank you my lover

Blessed is that womb that brought you out that I met you so

I know you are the reason life has kept me long to love you as long as I breathe

Into your smile is where I can live all eternity and never tire

You are all to me more precious then the all the sum of the preciousness of earth

I love you so much than bread and I love you because your love is a loving bliss

Your love makes me colour blind, seeing white when gray persist

As long as I have mouth to utter this much, I will love you with all of not just my words but deeds

Your love each day sends me to the seven heaven

You are the best part of everything of me

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