Wednesday, 5 April 2017

16 Sweet Romantic Good Night Love Message

The music in my heart is playing ask because of you. 
Have a wonderful night rest

Good night Love, 
I hope I'll be the subject of your sweet dreams

Good night my love, have the most fecund night ever 

I hope to hop in your sleep and say hi in your dreams so sleep well, I'm coming

My heart is your home, but I'll give you too your bed this night.
Sleep well my love

I love you do much, do have the best night of your life

Happy night time my love, how was your day.

I hope your love for me never fade darkly as night. 
Good night my love

My sweet heart, I wish you a very lovely night tonight

Tomorrow is another day but tonight, I wish you a burden-free ride in your sleep

I hope you have all you wished for in life. 
Have a lovely rest 

Dream of me my love as I'll do you. 
Good night

I love you and even night cannot stop me from seeing you because you are in my sleep
Good night

The day was so stressful but it was nice to hang out ruth you today
Good night

Hope we'll see tomorrow again.
Love you
Have a wonderful night rest

I love that we had a fun filled day today, for now, have a wonderful and loving night.
I wish you the best tomorrow

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