Thursday, 27 April 2017

16 Sweety Good Morning Messages

I am so blessed to have you to think of when I wake in the morning.
You make my day come alive, my love

Fairy tales is more than true in the morning when I wake all because of you 
Good morning my sweetheart

My life revolves around seeing your every morning
Good morning my love

In the early hours of morning getting to hear your name through the phone is like dew on dying plant.
Just to hear you say, Good morning.
Love you so 

I hope you had dreams of the preciousness of the night in your sleep.
Good morning my heart

The nocturnal bliss in your dreams filled with love is what I wish for you till morning

May the fire in your heart be returned to yield big. 
Wish the all the best
Good Morning

Diurnal blessing of the heavens wake with you, Amen
Good Morning, my sweetheart

It's nothing new to see the sun each day but seeing you brings a new spark lacked by the sun.
Good Morning Love

I wish you the loveliest of mornings than ever
Morning love

It's a wonderfully made day with beauty as you in the sky
Happy Morning Love

I believe in your love that is as sturdy as the morning sun because it's a love unlike any other.
Good Morning my dame

My woman and life, my love and sweetness
Wish you a gracious morning, love

My gratitude to the heavens for keeping you another morning for me.
Love you

Wish you all the best in life my love, you make my day replete with joy

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