Saturday, 29 April 2017

16 Thank You Mum

Words of thanks pale to all you are too me, mum

The words MUM is this
M-- Magical being
U-- Unwavering lover
M-- More than a human

I will ever be grateful for accompanying me through my nine months journey to the world

The finality of your love to me is the beginning of its understanding, my sweet mum

I love you so much than I can ever give expression to how

As long as you are near, I know your magical presence through it all shall pave out light amidst dark.
Thanks mum

There's nothing better than knowing you are always beside me even when far.
Thank you sweet mom

You are the first, last and best mom life could have ever given me

I love you so much mum.
More than my words can describe

God knew he hasn't a representation in you to me, that was why he gave me you

Even if earth pass away today, I'll be grateful I had you as my mum

You are the cream of all the blessings God doled to me

Thank you mum for the unimaginable things given to me that I'll never truly know its gravity to thank you enough

You are my universe, because you made my joy yours and forever will I make yours mine

There is no one like your love on earth mum, no man or woman born of a woman can love me like you do

As long as it concerns your love, no other compares its truthfulness and constancy, my one and only mum

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