Sunday, 9 April 2017

16 Weekend Message

Hurray! Friday's are the most perfect day I could have ever wished for

What I truly love is having a wonder filled we as salve to see me through the scary week days 

My weekdays are this. 
Monday- Most sour mood
Tuesday- Boring
Wednesday -Praying for Thursday - Praying for Friday 
Friday Night - Yes!!!!

Happy Weekend my pals. 
Let's go out to have the wildest night of our life

If only more than half of the time my calendar read Saturday like this, Life would be better

Nothing matter much than to spend the weekend rest with loved ones

I want to spend my weekend with you because weekends are the best times of the year

It's funny how all of a sudden life feels vibrant on Saturday

My life would be way better If every single day were to be lazy as Saturday morning but alas Monday bitter morning crow would always come

The morning crow, the beautiful air and feeling of laziness after five days of work
It's finally Saturday

I just want to avail myself some night me time because weekend don't last long 

I wish I can pause and relive weekends
They are the best of best 

Camp nights with barbecue on weekends are always there is to have the best weekend with friends and loved ones 

I get turned on to jolly mood spontaneously on weekend
What an amazing feeling.

I cherish most of all the days I spend with my family just reminiscing and catching up on things.
God bless Weekends

The sum of my weekend is this
Boom Boom Shakalaka

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